Those who can, teach.

Philosophy and Nonsense      
(Thoughts about writing, education, and experience.)                                    Presented by Forrest D. Poston

The first goal of teaching is to strengthen, deepen and refine our intrinsic love of learning. All other goals and all methods must stem from that idea. Any that do not support that goal must at least be questioned and adjusted, if not eliminated. Otherwise, we are not teaching but training.
Think, I dare you.

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Those who cant don't understand.

Quick Points About Teaching

This is a list of some of the primary points behind my philosophy. You'll see many of them played out in longer form as I get the pages written and added. I'll add to the list whenever I have an aphorism attack.

1. Telling and teaching are not synonymous.

2. Memorization and learning are not synonymous.

3. Information and knowledge are not synonymous.

4. Knowledge and power are not synonymous.

5. Power and wisdom are not synonymous.

6. Learning is a creative act.

7. Their learning is more important than my teaching.

8. The mission takes precedence over procedures.

9.  Procedure and process are not synonymous.

10.  Testing and assessing are not the same thing.

11.  Learning is a long term process.

12.  Learning is an individual act.

13.  People and numbers are not synonymous.

14.  If it can be graded by a computer, it doesn't test learning.

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